Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Destination Love: The Rainbow Nation

I have a great love for somewhere that I've never even been before. South Africa is one place that I've always wanted to visit. It goes further than going on a safari, I want to see the culture, experience the African community and their traditions. I just want a peek into how they live their lives, see the wildlife, see the attractions.

One place that I really want to visit is Cape Town. In my eyes, it brings together what Africa is initially about.

Robben Island Lighthouse

Traditional African Dancing

Table Mountain

Victoria & Albert Waterfront at night

Victoria & Albert Waterfront

The top of Table Mountain

Near Port Elizabeth, is a game reserve called Addo Elephant National Park. I love elephants, as you all know, but they just don't have elephants, the big five are there too. It looks amazing and as a bonus it's in a malaria free zone!



Lioness and her cubs

Seriously want to see this in real life!

[This post is the first of a new 'feature' I will be doing on my blog. As you all know, I want to travel a lot when I'm older and actually have the money to do it instead of fantasizing all day long. This new feature is called 'Destination Love' and I will be sharing with you the destinations I would love to visit. I won't be posting this on a specific day but will be posting one or more per week]


  1. Can't wait to see all the places you want to visit - I'm doing the same! :)

  2. Oh this new feature sounds great! I also want to go to South Africa someday-it seems so beautiful. Ahh so many places to travel!

  3. aaaah, it's beautiful! i want to visit south africa one day too! :)

    <3, Mimi

  4. You have such a cool blog, it's very interesting.
    Following you.


  5. I would definitely love to go there sometimes too. I find South Africa really fascinating. Lovely pictures :)

  6. i think it's so cool that South Africa is called 'The Rainbow Nation'. it truly looks like a place worth visiting :D also, i'm loving the idea of a new destination feature on your blog. hurray!


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