Friday, 10 June 2011

Here and There

I'm following quite a few blogs that on a certain day of the week, they often share some 'link love' and so today I'm giving it a go! So here are some links that I've loved this week when I've been browsing the web here and there. Hope you have a great day!

I love this pink colour

Talk about a great living room!

I really like this pleated dress

Wow, how cool is this!

I would wear this for prom but it's out of the price range

This is such a summery song!

I want to be here right now

A girl's best friend?

Real Estate Heaven in Florida

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  1. Interesting idea! :D <3 Oooh, I love the colour of that dress in the first picture! :D

  2. Loving the dress from zara, its gorgeous, the've got some stuning things in there at the moment


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