Friday, 17 June 2011

'we will fight to the death, to the edge of the earth'

I find that with music I go with through phases of listening to one band non-stop for days/weeks. I listened to Rihanna, Adele and The Wombats for months non stop - honestly. I've had 30 Seconds To Mars - This Is War album on my iPod for a while and it never gets old. This is my latest album, which I'm constantly listening to and I haven't listened to it for a while. I'm actually listening to it now - hence the title of this post. [Song - This Is War]

Just a small warning this is a bit of a mix-match post. Only four more exams left! Three next week and one the following week after that. Thank god! It feels like they have been lasting for ages, I can't wait for prom on the 30th of this month. It's going to be a really surreal experience. I still can't believe that my time at secondary school has practically ended and with letters inviting me to 'bridging days' at my new sixth form in July coming through the post, it's making everything seem so much more real! Pretty excited though :)

I've also been revising for another of my history exams today and this song seems pretty fitting as the unit for this particular exam is to do with the Germany 1919-1945, where we learnt about the beginning of the Weimar Republic, the rebellions, how Hitler became chancellor, and how he set up his dictatorship; including Hitler youth groups and the persecution of Jews. I love learning history and I'm studying it further at A-Level and at degree when I finally go to university but I'll be pleased when the exam is over. The hour and a quarter you get is way not enough, and I'm always writing until the last minute. Not forgetting (definitely not forgetting) the amount of things you need to know including dates and what not.

What have you all been up to? And, sorry I haven't been replying to your comments on my blog. I've just chose to return a comment on your blog instead but I've been reading every one as usual :)


  1. Goodluck with your exams mine are next week too!

  2. Love that picture!! Good luck!!!

  3. You have to memorize dates?! Here in the US we don't really have to know dates for history, just the basic time periods.

    And I completely know what you're talking about! Haha, I go through the same thing where I can listen to one band obsessively for weeks. I love finding new bands and listening to them!

  4. I adored learning History at school, it was by far my favourite subject. I only regret not studying it further :(

  5. beautiful photo!! and good luck with school and exams <3


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