Friday, 3 June 2011


I know I probably say this every month but I still can't believe how quick this year is going over. Are the days getting shorter, the months getting shorter and the years getting shorter? It's June already and we're halfway through 2011. Really so much has happened in this year like leaving school and hopefully there so many more amazing memories to come.

Last Month
- Started my final exams
- Went to Radio 1's Big Weekend
- Leavers day and night

This Month
- The last of my final exams
- Only going to school for revision and exams
- Prom

I really can't wait until the last of my exams are over as it's Prom time! I'm starting to get really excited. I love getting dressed up and I'm sure it will be a night to remember as it will be the last proper time I spend time with my year group. Obviously I'm pleased I won't be seeing certain people again but upset that I won't be seeing some people I get on well with again.

Could you name some things that you really don't like?

I got this question after I did my Q&A session but I'm really glad I did. I don't often write about things that I don't like and I'll tell you there are a lot. There are the obvious answers for me like creepy crawlies, not having money, certain people haha but I'm going to elaborate on something else. This is my final month of exams and really I should be sitting down, swotting all the time trying to remember and learn everything for the exams. However, unlike all the months when I've had exams over the past two years (my GCSE's are modular) I'm not. I'll start my revision then get distracted by the least bit thing and I hate it! I really need my A/A*'s in these exams and I know that, but why can't I sit down and revise?! I can turn my TV, phone and laptop off and put them out of arm's reach but I can still find something to distract myself with in my room or any room for that matter.

I am actually stressed and worried about not being stressed. So, after this post I'm hopefully going to get some history revision done. I hope for my results and my benefit I do! And, if my answer for this question is not clear yet - I really don't like the fact that I know I have to revise a lot but I'm getting distracted so much I'm not doing any! :/


  1. It's always so hard starting revision but once you do you'll be flying!

  2. Thanks for answering my question :)

    You see, repetition bores the brain and that is why after a while it gets more and more difficult to focus on a same thing. It could help you if you tried to do something very very different during your study breaks. Something that requires a bit of attention but not all of it. Preferably something physical. Like, for example, going for a walk or a drive in your car or your bicycle. It will refresh your mind and make it easier to focus when you return to studying. Whereas reading something exciting or watching TV can switch your interest and it may take a bit until you get it back. A bike ride for even half an hour can do wonders.

    Good luck with the rest of your exams! :)

  3. Oh I know how easy it is to get distracted! Sometimes it just takes to turn everything off and just focus on what you need to work on. But, I know it's not fun! Well it sounds like soon your summer will start at least!


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