Thursday, 12 August 2010

Being Away. Doing Nothing.

Okay so I wasn't sure what to write for this post today. I havn't been posting for the last few days as I have been up Bamburgh with my family which was quite boring but with daily walks on the beach and a (brilliant) book in hand on the evenings, I got through it fairly well.

Well, it is three weeks in the summer holidays and apart from a few days away (three down London and three up Bamburgh and Berwick) I havn't really done much. I hate wasting the 'summer' holidays but to be quite honest up Newcastle we havn't had much of a summer. The weather was scorching back in May and June but once we hit August the lovely weather has turned into rain, rain, rain and overcast days. I feel like I have a hundred and one things to do but I do not. Once I am back to school for my final year in September I will be wishing for the next summer holidays to begin.
I know it sounds like I am wishing my life away but I just can't wait to leave!

Anyway back to the present and something more positive... well for me. I am finally going to watch Inception at the cinema on friday! Yeyy! I'm really looking forward to it. Has anyone else seen it? Well I'm off for now and will have another post soon.


  1. Inception was awesome! I saw it two weeks ago. Welcome back:-).

  2. Ooo good, I'm looking forward to it! And thank you :)


thank you! your lovely comments always put a smile on my face :)