Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Not So Shabby!

Courtesy of shabbychic.com I've found some amazing interior design ideas. From the gallery on the website, I've got some photos of the work the amazing designer Rachel Ashwell does.

In most of her designs I have found she catches the modern trends i.e. the cream sofa but adds a little country and old-worn things to make the rooms more cosy and lived in.

This garden table and chairs reminds me of sitting outside on a lovely summers day with the family. It doesn't look too fancy and expensive and just right for a barbecue.

This bathroom adds a little vintage with the mirror and although the sink and bathtub are of an old-fashioned design they still look modern.

I love the bed and detail in this room. It looks so romantic with that lived - in kinda feeling.

In this picture I love how the the colours are creams and whites and are really light. I think what looks so great in this room is the table next to the sofa. It looks old and traditional but looks so right in this room with the pretty flowers on top!

This kitchen totally reminds me of a little country cottage, all white with vases of flowers everywhere.

I love how the designs over at shabbychic look modern but traditional as well. So cosy and relaxing. They look cosy and lived in and as the designer said [It's] 'Like the cozy familiarity of a well-worn pair of faded jeans, the dilapidated elegance of an Italian villa, the worn grandeur of faded velvets and mismatched floral china handed down from your grandmother’s attic, the brand is a revived appreciation for what is used, well-loved, and worn, it is a respect for natural evolution and a regard for what is easy and sensible.'

I couldn't have said it better myself!
What are your opinions on the various interior designs? I love them!

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