Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Smile, Giggle, Laugh!

When you laugh everything just seems to get better; the rain outside no longer bothers you and the things that annoyed you are forgotten about or at least for that day. If your upset through any kind of relationships, whether that be friends, partners or between mother and daughters - all you need to do is smile and hopefully you will feel better.

Maybe I should listen to my own advice.

There's loads of things that make me laugh: Tv programmes such as Alan Carr: Chatty Man and the brilliant Gavin and Stacey, films, friends or just silly things that happen which are true laugh out loud situations. Yesterday I went to the cinema with my friends to see Toy Storey 3 which is brilliant and very funny - Barbie and Ken were just hilarious! I laughed and I felt well ... good.

My Science teacher told us that laughing releases some chemical or hormone or whatever which is good for you! Even a better reason to laugh.

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