Tuesday, 31 August 2010

You'll Be Missed.

Tonight, the last ever show of The Bill is being shown. I've watched and followed the many characters of this police show for years and after 27 years, it got axed a few months ago. Due to a new producer for the channel ITV axing a lot of programmes. To be quite honest, I'll miss watching it. Yes, I know it's just a TV programme (that none of my friends or family watch) but has been one of my favourite programmes. This small post is my little tribute. I would have wrote more but I don't think any of my followers actually watch it and most of you live over in America!

This show helped proper many celebrities including Hollywood actress Keira Knightly, Russell Brand, Denise Van Outen, David Walliams,  Martine McCutcheon, Alex Kingston and Paul O'Grady. 

Who would have thought that Pirates of the Caribbean star Keira Knightly starred in the police drama in 1995, as a young girl caught up in a robbery.

What about Russell Brand? The comedian and Katy Perry's fiancee starred in The Bill as a 'cocky thief' in 1994.

It was amazing how many Eastender's stars went onto star in The Bill and vice versa. These two programmes kept on 'sharing' actors and actresses. If one left Eastenders, they would end up in The Bill or if they left The Bill, they would end up in Eastenders!

Stars in both programmes include: (The Bill character is named first)
* Scott Maslen - who was DS Phil Hunter in The Bill and Jack Branning in Eastenders
* Todd Carty - PC Gabriel Kent and Mark Fowler
* Louisa Lytton - PC Beth Green and Ruby Allen
* Gillian Taylforth -Sgt. Nikki Wright and Kathy Beale
* Roberta Taylor - Insp. Gina Gold and Irene Raymond
* Billy Murray - DS Don Beech and Johnny Allen (Ruby's father except they were not in The Bill at the same time)

Dear 'The Bill',

Thank you for airing your show weekly for years. I have only missed a few shows due to being on holidays and beacuse it is never shown on repeat! Over the years, I have loved many of the characters. However one was shot, another stabbed to death and one left and moved over to Eastenders! But I'm happy to say that two will still be in tonight's show. One of these being the now Inspector Dale 'Smithy' Smith who will say the last line of the finale. You will be missed by me and I will now not have a police drama to watch weekly on a Tuesday night. Everyone thinks the producers were too hasty to axe this long running drama and I agree, but he wouldn't be told!

For now, farewell.

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