Wednesday, 1 September 2010


The truth is, you will never get anywhere in life without respect.

To get along with friends, colleagues, family members you have to respect them.

People do not like others who are disrespectful and who are not appreciative for anything.

Why should others help people that talk to them rudely, people who vandalise people's belongings or who don't even bother to turn up to class on time?

To me, respect is a must and I feel that wherever I go and whoever I meet I am respectful.
After watching the last episode of The Bill last night, the Superintendent Jack Meadows (played by Simon Rouse) spoke this speech. Although the murders he talked about are fiction, things like this happen everyday. He was not just talking about what had happened in that episode but deep down the words had meaning to him as he has played that character for twenty-one years in real life.

The meaning stands out loud and clear: have respect.

After watching this I hope you can see where I am coming from. If the truth be told, this brought tears to my eyes whilst I watched it on TV last night. Maybe that is because I've watched the programme for years but maybe it is also because it is so true.

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