Tuesday, 7 September 2010

back to the daily routine

So, tomorrow it's back to school time.

The only thing that is kinda making it sound okay is seeing my friends all the time again and that it is the last year I'll be there! Wooo!

Well for the time being, before the revision, exams, and well more exams come, it'll just be 'take each day as it comes' because quite frankly most of the subjects I do are quite boring. But if the last year was anything to go by, it'll fly over and I'll be off to sixth-form.
Back to the earlier bedtimes of about an hour and the very early mornings. I sure will miss waking up at ten o'clock in the morning when my alarm goes off at seven tomorrow.

To be quite honest though I don't hate school, it's just those early mornings, the uniform and the subjects you hate doing and dread the thought of. I suppose it keeps you busy and well not that bored. The last six weeks, I havn't really done much: been out a few days, the cinema, seen my friends, walked on the beach and read books. So, I think it will make a nice change to be back... for a while.

Hope everyone has had a lovely last few days when I havn't been blogging. I went out for a little on sunday but didn't do much yesterday except sleep at my friend Amie's last night and I've been there most of today. It was good fun and we freaked ourselves out by watching Paranormal Activity. Although, we had our hands ready to go over eyes near the end of the film, we both thought it was really good! Have you seen it?

And, finally: you can check out my friend Amie's blog at amielifeisbeautiful.blogspot.com and my other friend's at diaryofateenageromantic.blogspot.com (sorry I can't get the link to work.) :/

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  1. Hope you have enjoyed your first day of school! It is hard to get up in the mornings for me too!


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