Thursday, 23 September 2010

the things I do...

The things I do for my dog. If it's not walking in feet of snow while the snow comes down (providing you don't want to have a snowball fight! and it really is cold!), being absolutely freezing as the wind blows around you, it's being caught in a massive downpour that lasts longer than it should. These are the days, you wish your dog didn't need a walk and the days you want to snuggle up in the covers, watch a chick-flick with a lovely mug of hot chocolate. Yummm.

It had been drizzling for a while and when it stopped I decided to take my dog, Jess out on her walk. Only to be met halfway along the street by a buckets of rain falling down! I was only wearing my light weight parka coat and it being kinda waterproof did not help at all! For drizzly autumn days the coat is perfect, it keeps you dry and isn't heavy. However tonight was not a drizzly autumn day.

With my red polka dot wellies on, my hood up, already totally drenched - before I even reached the field - I have to say I probably looked a right state! Jess didn't really seem mind she kept on pulling until she was let off where she ran along the field as I tried to miss standing in the muddy puddles on the field.

I have to say this has not been my favourite walk, not in a long mile. If I knew Jess wasn't desperate and excited to go out I think I would have walked back to my house in five minutes. But I held out and kept it up for twenty minutes before I decided - enough was definitely enough! By the time I reached home... my jeans were so wet they had turned very dark blue and were actually sticking to me, my hoody under my parka was soaked through (along with my parka) and even my black vest top under the hoody was wet!
With having to get fully changed again, I have to say i wasn't in the best mood. Oh, I hate the rain!

I can definitely say I looked like
...a drowned rat!

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