Friday, 10 September 2010

a trip down memory lane - #3


Memories can be in any shape or form. Old photos, things you have kept from places or people, remembering something in your mind or even hearing something and it reminding you of something that happened to you with friends or family.

For me, I keep many of my things as 'reminders for the future' so I can look back and think 'God, I can remember doing this or that!' I also love my photo albums. I have quite a lot and if I have photos of an event, the photos are printed and put in my current album. I think it will always be something I do, store my photos from any thing that has happened. It reminds me of the past and they mean quite a lot to me.

This is kinda a hard question but:
'If your house set on fire, what would you save? Your family, pets and any other living thing are no longer present.'
Well, it would have to be my photo albums, they are my past. Yes, you have the memories stored away in your memory but you forget most of them in time and you need something to triggor it back. For me, photos do that. I'm sure it is the same for most people.

Hopefully in my post next week I will be able to share some photos from some of my photo albums. Well, that is depending on if I can scan my photos in or not! :/
For now though, have a lovely weekend :)

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