Friday, 17 September 2010

a trip down memory lane - #4

Sorry about the change in the post this week. I was going to post some photo's as mentioned in my post last Friday but I've been busy, busy, busy and just didn't have time to scan them in. Next week, I'll hopefully be able to do them!

Do you remember your last day of primary school? I was thinking about it earlier this week. Some girls cried, I kinda just got on with it, knowing my friends were going to the same secondary school as me. Obviously it was quite upsetting leaving the school where you learnt practically everything and you spent all them years with the same teachers and the same people. In primary school, you thought you were so grown-up but when moving into year seven, you were suddenly the newbie, little year seven and were not quite so grown up anymore.
My last day at that school will definitly be in my memory forever! What about you?

However now, it will be my last day of secondary school next June. I know it's a long time away but I'm sure it will be over so quick I'll still remember writing this post!

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