Friday, 3 September 2010

a trip down memory lane #2

Sorry, for the lateness of this post everyone.

Today, I went to the beach as it was actually a really lovely today. The first three days of September have been really sunny and warm. They have been better than most of the days in August!

( cool is this sandcastle?)

I love walking on the beach and used to love building sandcastles as a child. I think everyone did, didn't they? We had fish and chips and an ice-cream after! It's kept me full all day haha. It was strange becuase I havn't been to that beach in a while but it was where we always used to go when I was little as my aunty used to live nearby.
There are rocks in the sand, where we always used to enter just after coming through the sanddunes and it made me kinda nostalgic. This is because me and my older brother always used to jump off the rocks, they're not big or anything but we always used too.

So, we got our ice cream and that brought back the memories of always getting a 99, with a cadbury's flake and 'monkey's blood'. That's what we always used to call the strawberry sauce, I don't know why but we used too! I was shocked to learn that the 99's are no longer 99p and are like £1.10! I know it's not going to break the bank, you know that 11p, but they are supposed to be 99p hence being called a 99. Eeshh.

What do you remember doing as a child?

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  1. Cute stories :) I only went to the beach once this summer. I wish I could go more!


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