Saturday, 16 July 2011

Destination Love: Africa

Hey everyone! I'm sorry for my lack of posts recently but nothing has been happening in the world of Rebecca that is worth posting about. My first 'destination love' post was a bit amateur and didn't really show you how much of Africa I really want to visit. I focused on South Africa and a certain national park that I waned to visit. In this post I'm focusing on all of Africa (exluding Egypt as this will be a separate one) and I think visiting these places make Africa worth visiting and shows what an amazing, diverse country it is! I want to see the gushing Victoria Falls, see traditional african dancing by the locals, buy handmade items from small villages, see Africa from above in a hot air balloon and go on plenty and plenty of safaris!

Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Table Mountain, Cape Town

Victoria Falls, Zambia & Zimbabwe

Port Elizabeth

Kruger National Park

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Cape Town


Addo Elephant National Park, Port Elizabeth

Robben Island, South Africa

Whale watching in South Africa

A hot air balloon over Africa

[P.S. Harry Potter was released on Friday over here and I'm going to see it on Monday. Seriously so excited, I can't wait!! I'm going to take some tissues just in case.]


  1. I LOVE THIS POST!!! My mom and I have dreamed of going to Kenya since I was a little girl. I really, really want to go with her someday. It's the one place in the world she wants to visit most before she dies.

    Anyway, thanks so much for sharing those beautiful pictures and reminding why I have to take Mom there. Have a great day!

  2. Take a box of tissues with you!
    WOW @ the pictures.

  3. From those pictures Africa is such a beautiful place! Though everytime I think of it, I can't help but imagine it covered in harsh terrain and sand!

  4. Kyla, your welcome! I think it looks beautiful too :)

    Hamza, those pictures are great and make me want to go even more!

    Hazel, I agree there are places like that. I suppose staying in the cities would probably be better.

  5. beautiful photos! :D
    One day i hope to be lucky and visit Africa.



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