Saturday, 9 July 2011

Destination Love: USA

The USA is obviously such a big place and there are loads and loads of places to visit. There are so many sight seeing opportunities and I love reading about adventures fellow bloggers have as they live in the US. There are 50 states, which are all so different and diverse in their different ways. I think an American road trip would be amazing but I've also been looking at TrekAmerica which has some amazing tours/treks that I would love to do! Here are some of the places I would love to visit:

Brooklyn, New York

Chicago, Illinois

Grand Canyon, Arizona

LA, California 

New York City, New York

Miami, Florida

Phoenix, Arizona

Mt Rushmore, South Dakota

Niagara Falls

San Francisco, California

Seattle, Washington

Honolulu, Hawaii

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (+ Universal Studios) Orlando, Florida

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


  1. Haha, it's funny that I live in the US and I've only been to like 3 of those places. I live about an hour and a half away from Niagara Falls, so I've been there at least 10 times. It became boring after like the third visit though, but I'm sure you'd love it! :P
    Miami and New York are both amazing cities too, but I have to say, Miami's my favorite. Must be the warm weather and palm trees :)

  2. Anna, I know what you mean, I live in the UK and have never been to Wales or Ireland. I would love to go and I live in the North East of the UK so it isn't ages and ages away.

    I would probably get bored of seeing a waterfall all of the time especially if it was more than 3 times so I don't really blame you on that one haha :)

  3. Yay for Chicago!! I live really close to Chicago, and I love visiting. :) I would love to visit New York sometime. I am hoping to go to Vegas soon... It would be so much fun. Also, I would love to go to the UK. I think it's awesome that you live there!

  4. Again, I'd love to see all these places too! Though I haven't been to all the places I want to see in Ireland despite living here!

  5. Love all of these. Monterey is also amazing. x hivenn

  6. Wow, I agree with all of these! Especially New York City, is my dream to go there in the winter :)

  7. Natalie, Vegas would definitely be fun! I think it's amazing how close you live to Chicago. In terms of the UK, I haven't visited as many places as I would love to.

    Hazel, It's the same for me! I would love to visit Ireland though :)

    Jazzy E, thanks :) I'll make sure I do some research on Montery :)

    The Many Colours of Happness, New York looks so dreamy and amazing! It would be beautiful in the Winter!

  8. Lol. I live in the USA and have seen several of these sites, but I have ALWAYS wished I could travel the USA for a lengthy period of time, driving through it all state by state. I dearly wish to someday say I've been to every state and seen the best of each one's attractions.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing! Have a great day!


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