Wednesday, 20 July 2011

When Technology Stabs You In The Back!

For my birthday in December, I got the new iPod nano and all was great until this morning. I have over 700 songs on my iPod. Not really sure why because I never listen to all of them but it's great putting it on shuffle and old songs popping on. I love listening to old songs! Last night I was listening to my iPod through my docking station and then I turned it off, watched television, watched a film and went to bed. When I pressed the 'wake' button on the top this morning my iPod would not turn on. Great! So, I tried to charge it up using my docking station and with the USB in the laptop but guess what? It still wouldn't work and started to go really hot - and I mean really HOT!

When me and my mam went shopping today, we popped along to the Apple store and got an appointment. As my mam was waiting in a queue to pay for some clothes, I went to my little appointment by myself and explained to the man what the problem was. Little clever clog that he was after looking at it with his little light thing, he said it had got water in the iPod but as it was still under guarantee so I could get another one the same. I suppose it having had water damage (I have no idea how!) kinda makes sense why the iPod was heating up when I plugged it in!

As much as this is great as my other one was quite scratched, I now have to spend the night putting all my songs and playlists back onto my new iPod on my incredibly slow laptop, which totally stresses me out because it's so slow! When technology fails you, eh?!


  1. Updating ipods is one job I absolutely hate! It's so tedious and time-consuming!

    I'm glad you got a brand new one for free though :)

  2. aww Rebecca! if you had posted about this before i would have been able to help you.
    my ipod nano is always subjected to water damage due to my carelessness. but i had received a forward email ages ago with this link:
    and it has helped me throughout. my ipod always gets fixed and there's no need to replace it.

  3. Awww dear, at least you got a new one! My mum's computer is super duper slow too so I sympathise! xx

  4. I feel your pain. It's the most annoying thing when your iPod breaks. It's happened to me before, but I ended up having to buy a new iPod which wasn't fun :\

    I hate slow laptops! But adding the music again sounds kind of fun, because I feel like half the songs on my iPod I don't even listen to, so it'd be refreshing to open some of that memory.

  5. I've never had that happen to me before, but I have dropped a phone in water before and had to work really hard to make it work again. Now, it's 3 years later and it still works.

    But I feel your pain. Technology is a beautiful thing, but it can't be perfect. The only way I think a computer could be perfect would be if the creature creating it was.

    Have a great day! I hope your new iPod makes you very happy.

  6. Ipod troubles are SO irritating! I hate having to re-add my music, and I have over 2000 songs so :/


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