Friday, 29 July 2011

Award No.4

I got another award yesterday from the lovely Hazel at Pablo's Angel. It means so much when I get an award from another blogger. I love it when people appreciate my blog! So, thank you so much and I'll add it to my awards page! So, the rules of recieving the award are listing seven things about yourself. I've done this a few times and I'm finding it hard to think of more things about myself! Here are my other lists from other awards too: 1, 2, 3 
The award is the 'Blog On Fire Award'!

Seven little somethings about me:
1. My favourite type of food is Italian.

2. I live in Newcastle, England.

3. I don't like or eat red meat. The only type of 'red meat,' I'll eat is mince in spag bol & chile and in mini sausage rolls. They have to be mini ones though. I don't like normal sized sausage rolls as there's too much meat :)

4. My favourite alcoholic drinks are vodka and orange and smirnoff ice but I don't often drink alcohol.

5. I've never smoked and I'm pretty sure I can say that I never will. I hate the smell (sorry)

6. I'm dying to go to Italy.

7. My two favourite comedians are Alan Carr and Michael McIntyre. But I also love Sarah Millican and Jack Whitehall.

I'm passing this award onto the following 7 blogs:

- Anna at Artist's Charm
Furree Katt
- Aimee at Peardrops & Polkadots
- Jess at Wild Tortoise
- Rania at Nothing Like Fashion
- Erika at A Tiny Rocket
- Meleonie at Ramblings Of A Teenage Daydreamer
All I have to do now is write a comment to these lovelies! How's your week been everyone? Time for the weekend now!



  1. congratulations on getting the award and thank you SO much for awarding me! ♥ i love you.

  2. Congratulations on the award!!! :D That's awesome! Also, I love Italian food too.

  3. Hamza, thank you!

    Furree, thanks and you're welcome! You deserve it :)

    Natalie, thank you! Italian food is just the best!

  4. Congrats on your award!! I am also dying to go to Italy..and good for you for never smoking! SO gross

  5. Yayyyy, thanks so much! :D

  6. Erika, you're welcome :)

    Lindsay, thank you! I'm glad someone else agrees!

    Anna, you're welcome too :)

  7. congrats on the award! you have a great blog. I'm following now :)

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  9. Cricketfreak, thank you! I'll check out your blog now :)

  10. I could never be a smoker either, the smell is disgusting!

  11. Congrats for the award lovely and thank you for passing it to my blog too!

  12. Hazel, I'm glad you agree!

    Rania, thank you :) And, you're very welcome!


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