Thursday, 24 March 2011

My Favourite Things!

Melisande from The Franglais Diaries tagged me in a 'my favourite things' post. So here I go :)

1. Food - Italian food
2. Colour - Pink or Sky Blue
3. Animal - Dogs and Elephants
4. Sports Team - I'm not really a fan of sport and so don't really have any teams that I support
5. Dessert - Ice cream and strawberries
6. Artist/Singer/Band - Rihanna, Adele, Mumford and Sons
7. Pair of Shoes - I don't have any designer shoes - yet! But I love pumps in the summer and comfy boots in the winter, not forgetting I love my wellies for walking the dog
8. Outfit - Something that looks nice but is comfy. I don't really have a favourite outfit but I love my jeans!
9. Skinny Jeans - For skinny jeans I shop in Dorothy Perkins and New Look 
10. Brand - Emm, I don't really have one
11. Pefume - DKNY Women and Calvin Klein CKIN2U Her
12. Accessory - I love wearing bracelets and always wear them outside of school
13. City - London and Paris (I can't wait to visit New York, San Francisco, Venice and Rome sometime in my life!)
14. Hobby - Reading, Blogging and does walking the dog count?
15. Beauty Product - I actually love using Astral as a face moisturiser; it's a must when you have dry skin like me!
16. Snack - Alpen cereal bars
17. Holiday - Christmas
18. Movie - I have so many but Dirty Dancing & The Notebook
19. Song - Again far too many but my favourites at the minute are: Mumford and Sons - Timshel, Adele - Set Fire to the Rain, and Pink - Perfect
20. Guilty Pleasure - Doing abosultely nothing when I know that I should be doing something useful and watching too much TV. Apart from that I can't think of any more at the minute.

...I'm tagging:-

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P.S. I finally finished Wuthering Heights last night and I've already started a new book. I'm going to post a sort of review on it tomorrow but I'm off to draft the post (which I don't normally do) now as I'm going to see The X Factor Live Tour tomorrow night so I won't have time to write it from scratch! And, I'll change the picture of what I am currently reading tomorrow.Have a great day/night :)


  1. Ah, Dirty Dancing...classic. Love it. :)

  2. yay! =) thank you! itsmy goal in life to be on a favorite things list. lol

  3. Candace, I know such a great film.

    Jennifer, haha well I'm even happier I tagged you :)

  4. i did it!

  5. Woohoo! Thanks for tagging me, Rebecca ♥ Oh my gosh, I'm the same with mosituriser! I have dry skin as well, and I don't go anywhere without it! :D xxo

  6. I love Dirty Dancing!! One of my favorite holidays is Christmas too!!

  7. thanks for the tag! i'll get to this ASAP.

  8. Amie, haha thanks I've just read it now actualy :)

    Meleonie, I know moisturiser is a life saver for dry skin!

    Tegan, I know propably the only two capital cities that I love (which I've been too so far) :)

    Furree Katt, thanks :) I look forward to reading it!


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