Tuesday, 1 March 2011

(2) At The Moment I'm Loving...

That it is March!

Firstly, I can't believe how fast the last two months have gone over! Is it just me or have they flown by? I love when it's this time of year because Winter is literally over, Spring is poking its pretty little head around the corner and it's nearly time to stop wearing those winter coats and scarfs.

Today was really sunny even though it was a tad chilly this morning but when I came home from school at half three, I was able to wear my thin coat and my scarf not my normal thickish coat to walk my dog. Wooo! Another thing that I'm loving about this month is that it is light when I wake up in the morning and that it is still light now. My alarm goes off at 7am for school and it was light outside this morning which is great because if you love sleep and lie-ins as much as me, these light mornings are so helpful when trying to get up. Also, it's 6pm while I write this and it is just starting to get dark. My last exam until May and June was done today as well so I'm happy about that. Smiling right now!

What do you love about March?

P.S. I've just started getting into the swing of reading Wuthering Heights and I really like it so far. Just to say it may be up in my sidebar for a while!


  1. I really hope sun is on it's way! xo

  2. It is DEFINITELY getting sunny on my side of the pond. I live in California, and although everyone thinks it is sunny all year long, that is a common misconception. It was snowing out here last week! But It is definitely starting to warm up!! :) and BY FAR, my favorite thing about March is that it's my birthday month!! :)

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  3. i actually hate the change in the weather. because it makes me sick :( if i didn't have such an awful reaction to the coming of spring then i suppose i would adore March SO MUCH MORE. ♥
    because i love March itself. since my birthday is on the 6th :D

  4. Tegan me too!

    KATA, I can't believe it was actually snowing in California - not something you think would happen. Hope you have a great birthday!

    Furree Katt, poor you, I hope your feeling better soon and hope you have a great birthday too!


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