Sunday, 27 February 2011

A Quick Post:

I found these over at Bits of Truth today and I can totally relate to both of these. The first one I keep thinking about because of the people that are actually in my dreams sometimes. Strange stuff! And the second one is so true. Anyone agree?


  1. The last ones true, but everyone lies allot in just one day.
    And the first one, it would be amazing if it was but I don't think so. xxxx

  2. I've heard the first phrase before but I didn't know it was actually a psychological fact!

  3. Maike, I know white lies I can understand but I've known people that tell more than just white lies and I hate that. Also, I wish the second one was true too. Thanks for commenting :)

    Rania, I'm not sure if it is a psychological fact or not :/ - It would be amazing if it was though! Thanks for popping over to my blog :)

  4. Really?? Jack Nicholson misses ME??!!

  5. Is that first one true?? That's CRAZY. I have dreams about so many random people and I always wonder why they appear in my dreams because it will be people that I haven't even seen or spoken to in YEARS and I always think it is so strange that I would dream about them.

  6. LOL, I am a psychology major that is just graduating and lol, that is definitely not a psychological fact but it's definitely interesting and it's not something that is impossible. It could happen but why would it be psychological if them missing you has nothing psychologically to do with you. But nonetheless dreams always contain the most interesting, strangest content.

    The second quote is really cute as well.

    xoxo, Natasha Solae

  7. Organic Meatball, haha :) Thanks for checking out my blog!

    Kata, I know that's exactly the same for me. If it's definitely not a psychological fact then it could be - in a way I hope it's half true :)

    Natasha, Haha thanks for clearing that up - I wasn't sure if it was or not but dreams are one of the strangest things ever. Thanks for commenting.

  8. Oopps sorry - I've just realised I said Organic Meatball instead of Meatbag! I feel such an idiot! Apologies again.


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