Monday, 21 February 2011

Don't Look Back At This Crumbling Fool.

It's times like these when I wish that my birthday was in the first six months of the year not in December. I really need a new camera, mine is so temperamental - you'll just be about to take a photo and then it will suddenly switch to video mode - Aghhhh. So frustrating! Then again I love how my birthday is quite close to Christmas because then I can get a bigger more expensive present which will be for both. Did I just mention Christmas? I'm going to change the subject because I'm not talking about Christmas, it's just been and I can't be doing with more wintry weather!!

Do you have any plans for summer time, when it finally arrives? I don't really have that much planned, just Paris in April but does that count as summer? Hmm, it's probably more spring is isn't? I love when it's nearly spring/summer. I love looking at the new fashions but the only way I would be able to afford most of the things I've seen, I would have to have a go at trying to use monopoly money. Just a little feeling that probably won't work. I wish I could share something much more fun and interesting with you all but I can't because I've done bot-all exciting lately.

What you think of this? Pretty deep but very clever...

Yesterday I went with my family out for a meal because it was my grandma's birthday. I wasn't that fussed on going because last time we went to this place, me and my older brother both thought the food was horrible and so obviously I didn't want to go again but my parents told me the chefs had changed. Had they hell! The food was horrible, the waitress was either very hungover or a bitch or just both. She slammed the plates on the table without a smile. Anyway, I'll be making sure I don't go back there again. My parents heard this a few times yesterday: 'I told you so!'
I wish the food was more like this:

But it wasn't.

By the way, I thought I would add, that the title of this post is from Take It All from Adele's album - 21. I may have already mentioned this but I'm going to mention it again - her album is amazing!! Anyway this leads me onto my next point, I'm going to start another feature on my blog which I don't think is going to have a set day to be posted. It'll be something along the lines of what I'm loving at the minute, in my small little world. It could be music, fashion, films etc. Hopefully, I'll start posting these this week sometime, maybe even tomorrow as I don't think I have plans.

Monday Inspiration x2-


  1. wow, that's so clever!
    and that cake.. NOM NOM NOM xo

  2. how is the title relevant? xx

  3. @Tegan - I have to agree :)x

    @Hollie - It's not, not to this actual post anyway x


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