Friday, 18 February 2011

Friday Musings

My school broke up earlier for half term, hence the reason I'm off school today until the 28th of February. I've been waiting ages for a week off because I really needed a lie-in! Yesterday I went to the cinema with my friend and we seen 'Never Let Me Go' which I was really looking forward to watching. As I've read the book around a week ago, it was strange seeing the story on the big screen, which parts of the book they missed out and the way they interpreted others.

When I read the book, I thought it was good but that it wasn't brilliant. As I felt it didn't have that extra something which makes a book seem excellent and that you want to re-read it. Don't get my wrong, I enjoyed the book so therefore I recommend it for someone to read especially if you have the seen film because I think that some parts of the book should have been included in the film.

Today, I thought that I would catch up on programmes that I have missed during the week and now I'm off to take the dog out on a walk. So fun, fun, fun eh? I suppose it's been quite relaxing just sitting there watching tele, just doing nothing! Anyway it's been better than having a day at school especially because I have an extra week off. School is coming close evening quicker than I thought as by the time I go back it will be March and we leave in the last week of May but go back into school for the final exams in June. Scary stuff!

What have you been up to do?

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