Saturday, 5 February 2011

30 Days of Truth - Day Twenty

Day Twenty - Your views on drugs and alcohol...

Drugs - I've never tried them and never will. In my opinion illegal drugs are illegal for a reason, they're no good. They cause problems, heartbreak, and death. I would hate to find myself in a situation where I am reliant on something as lethal as drugs - that is why I will never try them. People can call me boring but I don't care 'even if it is just this once', it's not me and I can promise never will. Yes, I understand people find themselve's addicted because of various personal circumstances but surely it just makes you feel like shit after it has wore off. I would hate to have a regret so severe as this one.

Alcohol - I'm only sixteen so I can't really answer this one properly. I'm not a big drinker and maybe you probably think well I 'shouldn't be at my age'. But as you can imagine, some people in my year live for Friday & Saturday nights when they can get totally smashed on cans of lager and cider whilst roaming the streets and running from police.Trust me I've heard of a few stories from people in my year, much like this one. I live for the weekend for shopping trips, time with friends, films at the cinema and most importantly a lie-in!  I like white wine and Smirnoff Ice and will have a drink on special occasions but not every weekend, more likely once a month. I'm sure this will change when I start sixth-form and I start going out with friends when I become legal at 18 - the clubbing will begin haha. But I have a feeling, I won't get totally drunk when I can't remember the night before!


  1. I didn't know the legal age was 18! It's a little different in the states. 21 is our legal age- at least for Illinois. I think it's different in some states. :)

    I didn't really drink that much before I was the legal age either. I like your views on drugs. I feel the exact same. There is no need for them.

  2. there is indeed no reason to do drugs. i feel terrible for the people who are addicted.
    i've never tried alcohol and i don't even want to. i guess i don't find it a necessary addition to the stuff i consume.

  3. @Natalie - Yeah, it's 18 over here and I'm glad you feel the same about drugs.

    @Furree Katt - I feel exactly the same about drugs :(

    Thank you both for commenting :) x

  4. good for you! i understand what you mean. i definitely don't do drugs and now that i'm 21, i enjoy a drink, but that's it. i don't even enjoy the feeling of being drunk. we're not boring, we're smart and healthy! :)

  5. I have to agree :)
    Thanks for commenting! x

  6. A high five for your post. :) I'm 28 and have never done drugs. As for drinking, I've been drunk a total of 3 times. If I drink, I do so in moderation. I find drinking in excess as waste of money and brain cells. :)

  7. omg, sorry for my lack of comments lately! I agree with you so much on this post! Especially with drugs, you never know what it really is! :/ Hah, I'd rather be boring!

  8. @Christina - Thanks for the high five! :) I forgot about the waste of money as well - high five to you haha x

    @Meleonie - It's fine :) I totally agree with not knowing what it actually is! x

    Thanks for commenting :) x


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