Saturday, 12 February 2011

30 Days of Truth - Day Twenty Seven

Day Twenty Seven - What's the best thing going for you now?...

I would say at the minute the best thing going for me is mostly everything; family, friends and school. School is really good at the minute (and that I don't say lightly.) January exams are over and although I've got a maths re-sit in March and more exams to come in May and June, the exam period is over for now.

The weather is finally looking up and today I could go shopping without a coat! It wasn't that warm but the sun was out not like yesterday when it was grey, foggy and drizzly. Spring is around the corner which means when I get more money, more shopping to be done for spring and summer time. I'm going to Paris in April, this time with my family and my friends which I can't believe is only around 2 months away. I can't wait!

And finally, I'm quite excited to leave school at the end of June. It will scary to think that after June I won't be going back to the school which I've been going to since I was 11! Really when I think about it all the major things that have happened in my life have been during those years when I've been attending that school.

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