Friday, 25 February 2011

Summing It Up:

For a weeks half term off, I've actually done something most days this week which I was really pleased about. It started with Thursday night going to see Never Let Me Go at the cinema which I mentioned in a previous post and then going for a meal with my family for my grandma's birthday on Sunday. On Tuesday I went bowling with my mam and my twin brothers Ben and Daniel who are six and a half. And guess what?! My six year old brother Daniel beat me and I came second, I couldn't believe it and he wasn't even using the ramp thing.

On Wednesday I went to the cinema again to see Paul with my friend. It was hilarious! I was really looking forward to seeing it because the trailer is so funny - and so was the film. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are great together and the alien Paul was equally hilarious. I was sitting next to a boy on the other side of my seat who was about the same age as me or maybe a year older or so at seventeen and in parts his laugh was funnier than the part he was actually laughing at. My and my friend were in hysterics half way through the film, partly because of the funny scene and the other part because of his laugh next to me. It didn't help that he wasn't even that fit hehe. If you haven't seen it you must!

Yesterday my mam's friend came up with her baby Harry again and he is just so cute! And, I got a hold except he would only sleep if you walked him about, not if you were sitting. You would stand for a while then sit down but as soon as you sat down he would know and begin to cry again :). He's gorgeous. Then I looked after my twin brothers for an hour or so while my mam went to the fortune teller with her friend and when she came back she said it was unreal. In the future when I've had more experiences in my life I want to go and see a fortune teller so I've added this to my bucket list. The fortune teller was apparently really accurate and mentioned me and all the family, including that my mams nana is looking after all of us and our old dog is with her. (I nearly cried!)

(I really like outfits similar to this at the minute)

Today I went shopping with my mam and we had a shop about and a browse and I got a new cardigan. I know it's nearly summer but you can't go wrong with a knitted cardigan. I've just got back from a lovely meal with my parents, so overall I've had a pretty good week. I've also got most of my work done for school except for my English Poetry exam question and revision for an exam I have on Tuesday. It's only a re-sit though so I'm not too bothered about it.

I love this colour at the minute, I really fancy buying nail polish in a similar shade:

Something I realised a few weeks ago:

Hope you have had a good week and have a great weekend. What have you been up to?


  1. i love that nail colour and that outfit!
    i absolutely hate bowling, though. i was never good at it. :O

  2. That's so fun that you went bowling with your family!

    I also love that nail color polish! Great color!

  3. @Furree Katt - It depends what kind of mood I'm in to see if I'm good or not. When I'm being competitive, I'm at my best haha :)

    @Natalie - It was nice to actually spend time with them outside of the house :)


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