Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Day 3 of 15 -

Day 3 -  Short term goals for this month and why...

As I'm posting this a day before the last day of March, I'm doing my short goals for April. I actually have been looking forward to posting this one as I haven't actually done goals for the month on here before.

1) Get in some revision
Why? - I have my final exams in May and June and I want to actually do some revision (even if it a month before) so I feel more prepared for when they come around.

2) Take lots of pictures in Paris
Why? - Does this one even need a reason? I went to Paris two years ago (It only feels at least six months/ 1 year ago at least) My camera isn't the greatest but I want to take more pictures than the first time round and then post them on here!

3) Lose weight
Why? - I always feel so much better after I've lost a few pounds and with prom around the corner in June, I want to find a dress and feel good, confortable and not self concious in it.

4) Try and save up some money
Why? - This is probably unlikely as I have already dipped into my pocket money for April and with out a doubt I'll probably be off to the cinema soon and I want to buy clothes but I always feel really good when I've saved up some money.

5) Blog regulary
Why? - I blog quite regulary anyway but sometimes I can waffle or not post for a few days after I have done a challenge. However good news for my followers who read my posts more or less daily - I actually have some posts planned for the rest of this month!

Note - Aplogies again but whilst I'm doing these posts, I will be delaying my next Time to Smile posts for another two weeks so that I concentrate on the challenge until I finish it. It will be back shortly with a one off theme to that week's Time to Smile :)


  1. Love that pics!
    Paris is soo nice (:
    Have fun there!

  2. Judith, thank you I can't wait to go :)

  3. super cute blog! i really like that picture!


  4. Love the pictures, oh my goodness, have an amazing time in Paris! :D

  5. Awesome goals, girlie! I can't wait to see your pictures from Paris!!


thank you! your lovely comments always put a smile on my face :)