Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Nearing the End

As I am in my last year of secondary school - year 11 - I'll be leaving at the end of June after my final exams and then going off to do a-levels at sixth form in September. Today we had our school photos taken, one individually and then one of the whole year group. At my school normally school photos are only taken in year 7, 9 and 11 - one individually and one of the form class. As it's our last year we had a year group and there's quite a lot of us so it was quite a squeeze!

One of my friends, Amie, pointed out today that this would be the last time we would ever get school photos taken. (As you don't get them done in sixth for) This was really weird to think of, as the things that we are doing now we'll never experience them again. It's quite well known among my friends that I cannot wait to leave school and just be a little more free but even I will admit it is weird and scary in a way to think that there are some things we'll never do again once we leave school.

It will be the end of a long five years at secondary school where most of the 'big' or should I say singificant things have happened in my life. Becoming a teenager at 13, becoming 16, ups and downs etc. In a way I think it will be quite bittersweet. Sad that it could be the last time I see quite a lot of people (but happy I won't see others!) and exciting that it'll be the next step in my life and really when at sixth form it's during the time when you become a proper adult and things get more serious in some ways but not others. It's a funny old life!

P.S. I would like to mention that yesterday and today the weather has been really good! It's finally warm where I live and I could walk the dog (even with the sun behind the clouds) with my sleeves rolled up. Spring has finally arrived! - I'll see you tomorrow for another time to smile post!


  1. Going through changes like that are always strange at first, but there will be many wonderful things ahead! I love that quote you posted above by the way--such a good reminder :)

    Happy spring!

  2. Candace, I love that quote too and it's perfect for my post! Happy spring to you too :)

  3. i was so excited to graduate from high school and thought so much about my future that i nearly forgot to enjoy my last few moments with my friends and at school. i'm so excited for you, you have so much happening and changing right now!

  4. I love that quote too and you're entering a major milestone in your life. Congrats!:-)

  5. yay for new beginnings! :D ♥
    you're so lucky it's still spring where you are.
    summer has already started here. dreadful, hot, sticky summer:O

  6. Melisande, I know I definitely need to remember to enjoy those last few moments!

    Stacey, Thank you :)

    Furee Katt, I know the weather has been lovely the last few days but not overbearing. But our last summer wasn't great so I'm hoping for a better one!


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