Saturday, 31 July 2010

Alert: Good Week Coming Up :)

So, tonight the beginning of week is starting as I am going to see Shrek 3 3D at the cinema with my dad and brothers. Yes, I'm fifteen and yes I'm going with my family; but who cares? However I don't really want to see anyone I know hahaha.

On monday I am going to the cinema again to watch Toy Storey 3 3D with my friends so that should also be good. Then on wednesday as my friend suns herself in Mexico! I am going away for three days with my mam, dad and twin brothers. I'm not exactly sure what is happening but I think it is this:
Wednesday: Drive down to Windsor in the car and visit the castle. Then stay over in a hotel on the night time.
Thursday: Legoland then in a hotel on the night time.
Friday: Chessington World of Adventures theme park

Hopefully I should enjoy it and will post about it after I am back. This comes as quite a suprise really because I didn't think we would be going anywhere else this summer. (June I went to Halkidiki in Greece)

Have a lovely saturday :)


  1. Sounds like you're going to have a great week. Happy Saturday.

  2. Are we going to see toy story in 3d? i didn't think we were! :S


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