Saturday, 10 July 2010


Okay, so there may be more important things happening right now... but I thought I'd post about the amazing Eclipse. Last night, me and two friends went to the cinema to watch the third enstalment of The Twilight Saga and it totally lived up to our excited expetactions.

With new character Riley in this film but also sadly departing, this film directed by David Slade was much more sinister and dark - with a lot of fighting. If you havn't already seen the film... don't worry I won't reveal any spoilers! However, if you are a massive fan and a twilighter through and through, like myself, you will probably already know the full story!

Forget R-Patzz as the old fashioned, traditional Edward Cullen from the 20th Century, forget Taylor Lautner as Jacob the werewolf in love with his best friend and Edward's girlfriend, forget Jacob's amazing torso (just for a second, mind you) and turn your attention to Xavier Samuels as Riley.

Yes, yes I know he is a bad vampire who kills everyone and tries to kill the main characters but have you seen him? He is gorgeous! :) When he first appearead on the screen, I joined my friend in screaming for him as she shouted 'Riley! Wooooo!' :) But as he has now departed from the films :(, we can turn our gazy eyes back to Jacob's six pack! :)

If you havn't seen the film yet, you will love it! As the saga continues, the films definately get better and better! Now, I can't wait untill Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2!

This is what me and my friends had on our hands,
in support of Riley!


  1. i still love riley even beyond the grave lol
    i hope they make the short second life of bree tanner into a film (even though i doubt it) just so he's in it ;)

  2. haha - well he'll be in the book!

    That's if you ever finish reading the other ones haha :) x

  3. I haven't seen it yet! I plan on going to the cinema next week... I am a secret Edward fan hahaha :-)

  4. I'm not a twilighter, but my husband went to drama school with Xavier, I hung out with him before he moved to LA and got all famous like. He's gorgeous in real life too *wink* Just sayin' ! tehe! *s*
    ps. Now I will pick up that name I justr dropped all over the floor!


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