Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Idea of Perfection.

The idea of perfection?

If I asked a handful of people this, everyone would have different answers because everyone has different opinions. People, myself included - even though I shouldn't -, may think 'err what's he/she doing with him/her - they're horrible.' But really we have no right do we? Because everyones Idea of Perfection is different.

I began reading a book around a month ago called The Idea of Perfection but have not actually finished it because, to be quite honest I found it quite boring. However the parts I had read really made me think of what perfection for me would be. In the book, two totally different people, who if you spotted on the street, you would not like what they were wearing or what they looked like. But it shows that there is someone out there for everyone...even if they are not perfect in every single way.

Real girls are not perfect and perfect girls are not real. Right? Everyone has their fall backs and their little habbits that do not make them perfect.

For myself, I know that I am not perfect because as I have already said; nobody is. I want someone that makes me laugh, loves doing the things I want to do ... but also someone that does things that totally irritate me! - because in the end, you will love them things about that person.

Anyway who wants to be perfect? With everyone being perfect, that makes everyone the same and that would just be boring.
What is your idea of perfection in someone else?

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  1. for me, it would be perfect to find someone who can accept my imperfections.
    deep, heh.


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