Friday, 30 July 2010

It's Official.

Okay, it's official all dogs hate the postman - well my dog does!

I have a two year-old black cocker spaniel called Jess who is lovely with not a bad bone in her body but she is very, very vocal. As we live on a front street, she barks at any person, dog, bike, motorbike that goes past and she doesn't stop until she is shouted back into the house. She likes to do her own thing and tends to sometimes ignore you when she is barking.

Whenever the postman delivers letters through the letterbox, she goes wild barking and barking for ages. She isn't vicious or anything she just likes to bark. The other day I was hanging washing out in the garden when what happens, the postman comes through the gate. So, I try to stop Jess going to see him, but too late and there she is barking at him and her bark goes right through you! I tried not too laugh as he just stood there letting her sniff his foot while she was just barking at him. Anyway, today I took her on an early walk and the postman is coming along the street and off she goes again. Talk about embarrassing as I was walking along the front street trying to get my dog to shut up!

I always thought that it was just a territory thing but we were nowhere near our house today so it wasn't that today. It must be the uniform too!


  1. Hahaha well at least you know that you won't have any surprise intruders in the house...

  2. My dog is the same way!However, i love her all the more for it-she's my protector:-).


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