Monday, 19 July 2010

A Little Bit Of Everything...

Hello again Bloggers! This post will be about a few things since I last blogged - nearly a week ago! So start with:

1) Hope everyone has had a good week. For me, nothing much has really happened and it has just been an ordinary week for me. On Friday, it was my last official day of school until I go back in September for my last year. As for the weekend, I must say I had a bit of a film weekend. I love watching films and as I was free of homework and was not going out, I decided to watch a few films.
Friday Night - Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging
Saturday - Toy Storey 2
Saturday Night - Twilight
Sunday - Alice in Wonderland
Sunday Night - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

2) Today, I visited The Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle, County Durham on a school visit. To be quite honest it was not the most interesting trip I have ever been on but for a art museum, it was okay. As my Textiles class are studying Art Nouveau, I kinda guessed it wouldn't be brilliant because I am not that interested in art but it was a day out of school, right?

3) The weather this evening. So as I sit typing this, legs crossed, on my bed, the rain is pounding outside my window. And I thought it was supposed to be July! Talk about putting a 'downer' on your day but as I stood in the bus stop with my friend earlier today as the heavens opened up, the rain did help in making us both very hyper. (Haha) Hopefully, the weather will get better as the week goes on and the UK will finally be able to enjoy the summer.

4) Okay, so some people may not agree with this but is it just me or is We No Speak Americano, one of the most annoying songs ever! I know some people love it (my friend included) but I just can't get away with it. 'Suppose everyone has their opinons though.

5) However, on a more positive note in music right now, I am loving a few songs. One of my favourite is Love Whe Way You Lie by Eminem ft. Rihanna. It is just brilliant! If you havn't heard it, please do - you will love it!

6) For the rest of the week, I am doing work experience at my local primary school, which I also attended, and I am in the nursery. Personally, I can't wait! As, I want to be a primary teacher, I am sure this will help a lot and I cannot wait to play with the nursery children! I am sure it will be excellent and I will enjoy it!

7) Finally, (I promise this is the last one) I really want to see the new film Inception with the brilliant Leornado DiCaprio. I know it hasn't been released yet in the UK, but has anyone seen it who does not live here. If so, please let me know! I think it looks really good but would love to hear some of your opinions.

Enjoy the rest of your evening :)


  1. Sunday night sounds fun....I love Pirates of the Caribbean! Dead's Man Chest was sooo good! I love hearing updates on everyone's week :) Sounds like yours was good!

  2. I love those films too! I hope you had a good week too :)

  3. I agree! Lenonardo Di Caprio is brilliant! Looking forward to that movie! XO


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