Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Wednesday: A Brilliant Read.

As a result of my 'Blogger's Block' earlier this evening, I have decided to show how much I love reading by posting either a book that I have just read or previously read on a Wednesday. I hope you enjoy my new weekly wednesday's post.

Wednesday 7th July's Book: The Abortionist's Daughter by Elisabeth Hyde.

One of the three books that I read on holiday last week was the above. Yes, the title may seem a little weird and may put you off - but never judge a book by its cover - or in this case title. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this book and was gripped from page one - I couldn't put it down!

Megan Thompson's mother is murdered in her swimming pool one night. (This is not a spoiler as it mentions this on the back cover.) This book is in third person and although I find them sometime hard or in fact boring to read, this book was different. I have never read another book by Elisabeth Hyde but I am sure too now. The book does not just focus on one particular character in the book but many including, Megan's father Frank, Megan herself, and one of the police officers investigating Diana Thompson's sudden murder.

As Diana is a national figure with many enemies - who is the murderer?

I quite like mystery/crime books along with many other genres and I think that this book is a great read. With dark secrets and a few twists and turns along the way - this is a compelling book to read.

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